Top 10 Forex Trading Platforms

Top 10 forex trading platforms are listed below: 1. Exness – Exness is the software platform of the winners. It provides the software that powers the market at large. The platform contains the algorithms, tools and data of the top 10 most liquid currencies in the world. 2. Ledger – Ledger is the software platform … Read more

Forex Trading Strategies

Forex trading strategies are based on the fundamental principles of momentum, price difference, and variance. There are three basic types of trend analysis: cumulative trend analysis, trend reversal, and trend cleaning. Currencies are the result of the ultimate swing or bounce of the dollar against another currency. The two primary drivers of the two major … Read more

Best Forex Sites For Beginners

Best forex sites for beginners often have a demo account to give you an idea of the site before it is completely sold out. You can view some of the prior work of the developer by going to the front page of the site. Clicking on the “developer” tab brings up a listing of all … Read more

How To Make Money In Forex Without Actually Trading

How to make money in forex without actually trading currencies (highly unlikely)You should work out what currency pairs you are going to be trading and find out what the fundamentals are behind the currencies you are going to be trading. For example, if a currency pair is going to be the US dollar against the … Read more

Best Forex Broker 2020

Best forex broker 2020 is Aruba-based ECN Brokers. The broker provides online trading platform, trading services, and a dedicated customer service. The company was founded in 2003 and is currently headquartered in the UK. The ECN Brokers team has a proven track record of increasing returns exceeding 20%. For instance, they were able to achieve … Read more

Forex Trading App Download Apk

Forex trading app download apk please note that these software are not 100% reliable and may not be completely trustworthy. use at your own risk! Forex trading app download apk are protected by intellectual property and other intellectual property rights. you may not copy, modify, rent, lease, sell, import, distribute, transmit, publicly perform, display, create … Read more

Is Forex Trading Profitable

Is forex trading profitable?The forex trading is not very profitable. The most likely reason for this is that the banks and other financial institutions do not want to give into the huge leverage they can get on offer on these websites. The second most likely reason is that the websites have policies and procedures in … Read more

Demo Trading App

Demo trading app from market maker Alpari. The app gives users a first-person perspective as it is made easy for the user to see the market conditions, charts, and orders. The app is user friendly and has a visual user interface. The main purpose of the app is to show how things work in the … Read more

Best Forex Trading Course

Best forex trading course that you can find online is provided by one of the world’s foremost traders of the currency markets, Nigel Dodds. If you are interested in learning how to trade the currency markets please take a look at his website. As a forex trader you will need to learn how to work … Read more

Open Forex Account With $25

Open forex account with $25,000 available for a year. This is a very risky venture, because you are talking about a deposit of $25,000, which in most cases cannot be withdrawn without great loss. You need to arrange a money exchange in this case. It is highly recommended to go for online currency trading platform … Read more