Forex Broker Ranking 2019

Forex Broker Ranking 2019

Forex broker ranking 2019 By Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 09/28/2019 08:31 AM | 33 comment(s)

We within the software industry are working very hard, update our rigs, add optimizations, drivers and other components and try to make them hyper-steady.

What the heck happened to the score of 4.2%?, 64, block chain seed exchange? Read that again.

64% of all market capitalization is owned by 38 companies, BAH. Not one of them is FINANCIAL to make a profit. Those are some seriously tough shots. Middle finger pointed at FINANCIAL.

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I hope the world understands. The best wishes of the investors are reaching the ears of the BAH. We have some VERY rough seas ahead.

The yuan is being challenged around the globe. Serious currency exchange rates could cause havoc. I wrote about this a while ago.

The situation has implications worldwide.

Near term I would say the EUR/USD is at its weakest point in over a year.

We currently have over $1.5 trillion in market capitalization. An additional $1.5 trillion is subject to renegotiation. There is no telling what the currency can do in the near term. I expect the EUR/USD pair to be in free fall.

EUR/USD is likely to be in negative territory for the next several months. I would say the next stop is NYSE.Zimbabwe: Latest news on Zimbabwe is that President Robert Mugabe has fled the country. His successor may be Ndebetele Matving. Security forces have expanded a state of emergency declared earlier this month.

The BBC reports that “the president has fled to neighbouring Namibia, where he will be impossible to reach”. With the elections this week in Zimbabwe, the fear is that President Mugabe will seek refuge in that country. We shall see how quickly that happens.

As things stand, the President is thought to be staying put. My final prediction is that President Mugabe flees soon after his 62nd birthday this month. I do believe his successor will be Ndebetele Matving.